Dilemmas of a beginner

After thorough research of a latest game you came across from watching a news, which suddenly hit your interest, not to mention that it was released by a reputable game company, here you are buying and starting a game. But the problem is, you’re just a beginner. You are new to the gaming industry! You don’t have any idea what are the good gameplays are all about. You are just looking for fun.


Hey beginner! Here are some of the problems you may experience:

NAVIGATION - Use of map


Famous games, be it a MMORPG, RPG and the like, offer different kinds of maps for you to play in or rather use as guide while inside the game. As a beginner, you may ignore the use of map and just stroll around the small part of the city not knowing how to pursue the game. Without consulting the map, even if the directions for a quest are given, you may not know how to complete it and just end up wandering! What more if there are no directions and you are given the task to solve things on your own? There lies the problem of a beginner in a role-playing game.


And to make things worse, how about for multiplayer online games like League of Legends, Battlefield, and DOTA, wherein you have to depend highly on the map to track enemy champions/heroes and strengthen your defense/offense strategies? Wise use of map will definitely increase your chances of victory!


Navigating the game world is a crucial thing. One must learn how to use the map and check it timely. Yes it may be an added task at the start but this will serve as guide throughout the game.

CHARACTER SELECTION - Understanding the character


Character selection is the starting task for most of the role-playing games. You will determine the race, class/jobs and may even customize the character’s wardrobe depending on the game’s selection mode. Some of the well known character classes are the Assassin, Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Warrior, and etc. These characters possess different type of abilities - one may be a master of strength while the other may be of high intelligence, like the Swordsman and Mage, respectively. They can be even classified as short vs. long range characters and damager vs. support type.


Determining the character isn’t really the beginner’s problem. They are already pre-defined in the game to begin with. The real problem is - failing to understand the character. You must take time to understand the abilities, skills, and masteries of the character you selected, and keep in mind the important points as the game push through. Given you’re a swordsman class, you really can’t win a boss fight with low defensive strength and attack damage, right? Once you gain knowledge of your own character, you can focus on equipping it to enhance character’s prowess!


Another problem is - not knowing yourself. Admit it! If you’re a laid-back gamer, then it’s not best to choose a hero type character. You have to know your capabilities in order to pick the character that will fit for you. In a way, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses coupled with building your character can help you succeed.

ITEM BUYING - Understanding the items


Have you ever wondered why the bloodthirster, a SWORD weapon in League of Legends, is being equipped to: Caitlyn - a RIFFLE USER and Ashe - the FROST ARCHER? What can a sword contribute to the masteries of the characters, right? And if you look at the gameplay, they aren’t really using the bloodthirster to attack the enemies literally.


Another thing, what is the difference between the normal, magic, rare and legendary items in RPG? Is it just through appearance that lets you distinguish one from the other? Aside from having an exceptional and admirable character, what can these items bring to you?


Who is the blacksmith? What are the recipes he’s talking about for a given quest? Why should you combine or refine an item when it’s already useable at all?


These are some points a beginner starts to question while in the game. Large number of items is available at the merchandise store or during enemy fights that will disturb you what to buy or use first. The key point in item buying is to understand the items. A legendary item, though a higher level item as it may sound, doesn’t necessarily provide a greater build than a magic item. You have to look on the specifications to see what this item can contribute to your character build. And keep in mind, the appearance doesn’t really matter, it’s the content attributes! Games offer different kinds of settings on how to improve your character builds. You just have to browse the game and experiment yourself to learn the things behind the items. Build guides are available in the game itself and spread all over the internet by the way.

OPERATING THE GAME - Understanding the controls


If you’re playing in a PC, when should you use the WASD, arrow keys, or mouse controls to move your character from certain points? How will you attack the enemies? With the spacebar or QWER controls?


What is the meaning of triangle, box, circle, and cross controls in the playstation platforms? When will you use R1, R2, L1, and L2? Can this help you hit a combo to your enemies?


Are you irritated when your device suddenly went off in the middle of the game? Or when you forgot to back up your saved data after your memory card crashes?


The above mentioned queries can be worked out by understanding the controls of the game. Some games offer tutorials from which you can learn the basic controls; while others communicate the controls during the gameplay. You can even check the game’s manual to understand how the controls work. Save and back up functions are normally explained in the manual to avoid sudden lost of your data. So frequently save your game!

GAME JARGONS - Understanding the language


Below are some of the terms you may experience while in the game:


"MMORPG. RPG. Jungle. Tank. Noob. Spawn. Lag. PVP. Afk. GG. KS. Loot. Att. Def. Con. Int. Crit."


Like many professions, the gaming industry has its own language only a gamer could understand. Abbreviations and tech terms are widely adopted which aid easy communication between game developers and players, and as well as communication among players themselves. Don’t be discouraged, you really can’t learn it all at once! It’s not that you’re being left out or not capable of comprehending the industry’s language. You will gain literacy as you dive in the game. The game itself will guide you and sometimes you can discover it yourself, right? Or if you’re not too shy, better ask your fellow gamers instead.



Are you frustrated when you just got a bronze trophy while your fellow gamers don’t have any difficulty in having a gold one?


Why do gamers have to do the trash talk and mock you when you’re just a beginner? Aren’t they sensitive enough? Or maybe it’s the other way around?


The game world is not an exception to a clash of emotions. There are professional and hardcore gamers who are excessively engaged in their game choice. They will give their best effort just to have a good fight! Don’t be too sensitive when you encounter mocking gamers. It’s a game, right? Play with sportsmanship. You really can learn from them anyway.

Combining all those dilemmas, you’re just too lost in the game, right? Haha! Don’t take it seriously, you’re into games because you want to have fun. Just enjoy the game. Welcome beginner!

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