Asphalt 8: Airborne Review

Gameloft's fresh release of a stunningly beautiful and addictive game series, the Asphalt 8: Airborne. Let me be honest, I've played Asphalt 5 - 7 and most of the cars and tracks were recycled to the point that I've memorized which part of the track needs a sharp turn to the left or to the right without looking at the mini-map at all. It does get a little boring sometimes but with monthly updates, I just keep coming back and play the game. But with the release of Asphalt 8, I was actually surprised to see a lot of new features, a whole new tracks and cars to tinker with.



Of course there is no story in this game to begin with, let's just discuss about Asphalt 8's career system here. First off, you start on season 1 with 3000 credits(4500 if you're an Asphalt veteran player), and 12 levels to complete with only 3 of it unlocked at your first playthrough. If you are just starting with your career on the game, I recommend you to buy "Audi R8 e-tron" immediately. It does not only look great, but it has good stats to begin with and can easily beat those AI's and rack you up with decent credit points early at the game. Just don't buy another car yet, upgrade it and you'll see the results. To unlock other seasons you need to have enough stars that you can earn after you get some achievements done every race or you can unlock them through in-app purchase method.



The graphics are superb, I could not believe I was playing it on a smart phone. The terrains, cars, and effects(Including the weather effects) are very detailed and it does not show any stuttering or any sign of fps drop, it is very well optimized. In fact it looked like a different game because of those realistic collision and destruction it delivers. It clearly fits the gameplay system which now features air exhibition, also, I would like to mention that the AI's in the game take different routes rather than taking only one route like the previous Asphalt game AI's do. Which, I must say, makes the game more challenging because some of those AI's take shortcuts which can make you fall behind in the race. The multiplayer mode of the game let's you immerse in a challenging community of racers that strives to rank up in the world series, you've gotta try this mode for an extra thrill and challenge, a mode for the hardcore racers.

*Note that I've done the review of gameplay along with the graphics part. Because I honestly think that gameplay and graphics go hand in hand in showing the game's prowess in its field. I know some of you will not agree with that but, whatever.*



There's not much to say but the music really fits well inside the game, it does make you feel like you are actually in the race. Gameloft did well in selecting soundtracks for the game, you could also change the background music while in the game via settings.



Gameloft did very well on this one, not to mention most of their games are ripped off. As of this date of review, it is still free on the apple app store, be sure not to miss it and download it now while you still can. And for those who cannot wait for the season 2 of the game, you can unlock it via in-app purchase. A truly remarkable franchise, beware, this game can be really addicting.


KridjReviews Rating: 5/5


  • Stunning graphics and effects
  • Beautiful tracks
  • Excellent gameplay


  • Expensive cars

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